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Top 7 Most Dreadful Parking Awards

February 8, 2011

Some drivers are naturally more able than others when it comes to parking. Others find Parallel parking hard, but parking in a marked bay is a piece of cake.  However difficult getting into a space can be, I cannot help but be astounded by the shear level of parking failure demonstrated below.


Our first driver may have slightly overstepped the markings. Lets hope this car isn’t front wheel drive!


It looks as if this driver thought his car would fit just nicely on this small square of raised curb.


Although many of us like to proclaim, ‘I could fit a whole car in that gap!’. This driver has taken this to the next level.


Abit rusty, would be an under statement to the driver who forgot which way up to parallel park his car


I wouldn’t necessarily class this as bad parking, in fact this camel has managed to fit nicely within the marked bay. He just hasn’t realised that he isn’t a car.


Whereas some drivers will overestimate the length of their vehicle, leaving a large amount of space at the rear of the parking bay. This driver thinks he is driving a car half the size.


Ever felt the frustration of not being able to find a place? Been in a hurry and nowhere to park? God knows how this driver managed to fit in there

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Are Petrol Price Rises effecting you?

February 7, 2011

As we all know, the cost of fuel is something that effects everyone. The economic situation and gradual decline in oil supplies is meaning that prices of petrol in the UK is at an all time high. The price having risen by over 14% in the last year, with another fuel-duty increase planned this April is set to be even more than this. The increase is only a mere penny per litre, but is estimated to cost UK businesses up to £430 Million.

Businesses across the UK are together in thinking that the government need to step in soon before it is too late. This latest fuel-duty increase is set to increase the count of increases to 9 in the last 29 months, accounting for a 25% increase. This also means that the government is taking just under 60p per litre of petrol for fuel duty.

Businesses that are among the hardest to be hit insight of this are taxi firms and driving schools. Small driving school businesses are finding the fuel price rise hard, as lesson costs are priced competitively with other local companies, meaning that every fuel-duty increase is effectively a pay cut for the driving instructors. However by raising the price per lesson, may effect the decision of a student choosing between their driving school and a competitor who has refrained from raising there prices. All this in consideration, the cost of driving lessons is evidently going to increase, which is making learning to drive more unobtainable for some.

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