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Winter Tyres for YES! Driving School

December 20, 2010

YES! Driving School cars fitted with winter tyres

With the second set of snow this season causing travel chaos in most of the UK including Bournemouth & Poole and after last winters’ disaster, one has to ask, when are we getting smarter?
Other European countries seem to cope much better, because in most areas on the continent it is common sense if not law, to wear winter tyres during the cold season and to have snow chains in the boot. The latter would be very much recommended especially for vans, buses and HGVs, as it only takes 1 vehicle struggling to bring the whole traffic to a complete standstill. Bigger vehicles are obviously much more difficult to move to the side of the road!
In the publics’ general opinion, especially in the South of England where YES! Driving School operates, fitting winter tyres would be too costly and too much of a hassle for only a few days of snow in a decade.
One could argue about both.
How much money and hassle would it cost to slip off the road into another parked vehicle, lamp post or tree?
YES! Driving School has purchased their sets of Vredestein Quatrac 3 All Season Tyres with M+S (“mud and snow”) marking at £238.65 incl. delivery (4 tyres). Fitting costs are usually around £12.00 / tyre.
We believe that for peace of mind alone, the investment in winter tyres has been well worth the money and would last several seasons.
After all, winter tyres have a better grip and significantly improved stopping distance as soon as temperatures fall below 7 Celsius, a condition not only found on a few days with ice and snow, but for most of the cold season.
We do not believe that winter tyres should be mandatory in the UK, but a fine and penalty points for causing disruption or an accident by driving insufficiently equipped vehicles certainly would encourage drivers to take more responsibility and consider winter tyres and/or a set of snow chains.
YES! Driving School has taken initiative and subsidises their instructors in Bournemouth & Poole each with £100.00 for having their school cars fitted with winter or all season tyres bearing the M+S symbol.

We ensure that our learner drivers are safer on the road and benefit from valuable driving experience in adverse weather conditions, where other Driving Schools often cancel lessons.