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5 Tops Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

November 2, 2010

5 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!!

Burning fossil fuels known to be one of the most threatening factors to our global warming disaster because when we burn fossil fuels we create greenhouse gases. We produce these troublesome gases every time we start our car engine because fossil fuels are fuels made of organic matter such as coal, or oil (where petrol is made from) and when fossil fuels are burned they give off the green house gas known as CO2 (carbon dioxide.)

So now you know why cars are so bad for our environment, all you need to know now is how you can help reduce your greenhouse gases. Luckily for you I have 5 top tips to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that come from your motor!

1. Lift Share. For most of us driving is an essential part of our lives and we need the ability to drive our cars for work, school, visiting relatives or just daily jobs. However find someone who is going your direction to work etc. and organise a lift share, so you alternate who drives. Or alternatively if you are a parent organise with other parents a school pick-up routine so you alternate who picks up the children each day.  Also next time you are going to a grocery store, offer your neighbour a lift, that way you’ll be building community spirit as well as saving petrol! Tip: Parking your car can be difficult and expensive in Bournemouth, so take it in turns to drive and the passenger can pay for car park!

2. Change your car. Of course the one of the ultimate economy saving car would be the hybrid but these can be costly so why don’t you try looking closer to home. A lot of people are driving cars around with very high litre engines that are unnecessary to there lifestyles. Instead opt for a much better fuel efficient car with a lower litre engine. This will save your petrol as well as putting you in a lower tax bracket, so you will save on tax too!

3. Shop once a week. Instead of continuously popping to the supermarket make it a once a week trip if possible. Keep an ongoing list so you remember everything when you go or even better order you’re shopping online!

4. Use Public Transport. Unfortunately our society doesn’t gift us with the highest quality public transport. However if you are going on a long journey to London etc. there are some great coach and train companies which offer convenient, frequent times and they will save your petrol and the very difficult task of parking! Tip: Look out for the Yellow Buses around Bournemouth!

5. Walk or ride. If your local shops are only a short distance away why don’t you walk or ride. Make sure you bring a rucksack, for all shopping but this way you will be saving petrol and getting some exercise! Tip: Take a detour on your normal route and try walking or riding along the beautiful beaches of Bournemouth!

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